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Wonkyu - The Warrior and The Valkyrie

His king was a great king who died where a Viking should be— right in the middle of the battlefield they just won. He deserved nothing less than to be chosen as one of the many einherjar in Valhalla. And Siwon was witnessing exactly that.

This angel of death was different. Brighter. Stronger. And he was far more beautiful than the rest. He effortlessly picked up the lifeless body of Siwon’s king with one hand as if the huge man weigh nothing, and severed the soul with the sword on his other hand, allowing it to depart for Valhalla.

But the Valkyrie didn’t leave right away. Instead he turned his red eyes towards Siwon and smiled knowingly, as if he could sense Siwon’s yearning. 

'Not yet,' a voice echoed inside Siwon’s head. The Valkyrie’s voice. 'It's not your time yet.

Siwon coughed, feeling faint from the loss of blood, but his whole mind was focused on the voice as the Valkyrie spoke again, 'Survive this battle and many more to come. Become a great king and seek an honorable death. Only then,' the Valkyrie paused and gazed deeper into his eyes, 'you can go with me and not the others.'

And then he was gone, but not without leaving a name floating in Siwon’s consciousness.


Siwon closed his eyes, etching the encounter into his memories, and slowly rose to his feet.

All that coloring and most of the time I like the B&W version more a.k.a my sense of colors is a mess

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140404 Kyuhyun @ Music Bank

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On a scale from one to ten, how high were your feelings when Nat kissed Steve on the cheek at the end?


Humanity has yet to even conceive of a scale that could accurately measure my emotions.

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Natasha in Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier 

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Mnet SJM swing comeback stage

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siwon x kyuhyun

work hard play harder, harder, harder~

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